Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket – The darling of both offensive and defensive players

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The Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket is a must-have for both players and amateurs with a wide range of trends and playing styles. It is likened to the amulet of each person’s separation when participating in a fight.

Introducing the Yonex Duora 10. badminton racket

Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket is a racket of the famous Yonex brand. This is a racquet that is trusted by many players and players around the world. Because of the variety in play, the index between attack and defense of the Yonex Duora 10 racket is considered to be at the top of the most comprehensive badminton racket models today. When you hold the Yonex Duora 10 racquet in your hand, you will be the creator, regulating the match at your own discretion instead of that advantage in the hands of the opponent.

The stiff Yonex Duora 10 shaft makes swinging very fast and compact, coupled with high wrist strength and tension for overwhelming attacks or the most powerful backhand swings, the racket feels stable. , very little vibration, the problem of twisting and twisting the racket is also minimized so that each phase of the shuttle is hit in the most stable racket state. Trust me you will love it as soon as you use it.

Yonex Duora 10. badminton racket specifications

You can take a look at the specifications of the racquet.

  • Hardness: Hard
  • Frame: H.M Graphite, Nanometric DR, Ni-ti Fiber.
  • Shaft: H.M Graphite, Nanometric.
  • Weight: 3U (Ave.88g);2U (Ave.93g)
  • Handle circumference: 3U G4.5; 2U G4.5.
  • Maximum tension: 3U 19-26 lbs, 2U 20-27 lbs.
  • Balance point: Balance
  • Color: Orange/Green/Black
  • Manufacture: Japan.

Yonex Duora 10. badminton racket technology and features


Power up forehand and backhand shots. Unique two-part design frame, Box Frame for powerful forehand, Aero Frame for powerful backhand. This groundbreaking design allows players to create powerful smashes but still control the game tightly. Maybe you are interested: what is the difference between tennis and badminton


As a new type of Graphite material developed by Yonex based on its proprietary Nanoscience technology, this technology helps to increase the ability to grip the ball for a long time combined with extremely large thrust, Nanometric DR elevates Duora to the highest level. its own level, the technology was first applied in June 2015.

  • DUORA STRETCH Cushion:

The new Duora string hole design forms 8 interconnected racquet holes of different thicknesses on both sides of the frame. On impact with the shuttlecock, the cushion holes are stiffer in the aerodynamic frame. Learning will pull the string more tightly, increasing the power for decisive shots.


New Material – Elastic Graphite. Yonex’s new optimized material. It’s added to the bottom half of the Duora Z Strike racquet frame, allowing for an instant boost in the rubber’s repulsion, giving you incredibly fast shots.


Invented by Yonex to maximize this all-important sweet spot and has now become the world’s leading feature of Yonex racquets. The square head of the racquet means more strings will pass through the right angle area, making the sweet spot more open. Yonex continues to develop and enhance the power of Isometric, further reducing the “dead” zones around the edge of the frame commonly found on conventional racquets, creating a larger sweet spot than other frames. other racquets.

Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket


Neck Technology: For a wider flat surface. The tapered control-supporting racquet has a flat surface that’s 88% wider than conventional racquets for easier grip, quick racquet control, and the sharpest play.


New knitting technology. Single-pass grommet hole construction provides more holes for threading for more performance than conventional hole construction, independent of horizontal and vertical threading construction. Helps reduce pressure on the plastic rings, avoid twisting and reduce friction for the string, helping to protect the racquet string more.


The purpose of the oval frame face design is so that when hitting the racquet, the wind will let the air pass, the Box Frame is beveled on both sides to make the racket more sturdy. The design helps to increase aerodynamics, helping us swing the racquet faster, hit the shuttle harder.


The blade is designed to be thin and small, the purpose is to help escape the wind faster, swing the racquet faster, increase power, support players to finish faster, stronger, help better control.


Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket is suitable for players with strong, flexible wrists, good skills, or more. Both for professional and semi-professional athletes. Suitable for players with diverse fighting styles. Comprehensive combination of attack and defense.

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