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Air fryers are still a relatively new breed of kitchen appliance on the market, so there are still so many questions on the machine’s functions that will inevitably concern users. One of the popular issues that people often seek for a solution is“Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer?

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Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

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Why Is Smoke Coming Out Of My Air Fryer?

1.Is It Smoke Or Vapor?

First of all, you will need to identify whether or not it is actually smoke. If it is just water moisture or food vapor, that should be a normal by-product of any cooking process. When your air fryer has vapor coming out of it, turn a blind eye because you are doing great.

Only proceed with this troubleshooting guide if the answer to the question is smoke.

2.The Amount Of Grease Can Create Smoke:

If you slather more oil onto a protein’s surface before you cook it. That can be the source of the smoke to emit. More specifically, the amount of excess oil and the grease from the protein itself may heat up and release fumes, so that is merely natural.

Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

Image 1. Grease can heat up and produce smoke in your air oven

So if you are preparing pork roast for a family night out or chicken thighs for a lazy day inside, do not be surprised by the smoke. The only thing you should be more concerned about is the smoke’s smell. Also, it can be very long-lasting on your clothes.

3.The Temperature May Be Too High:

This can possibly be your or the recipe’s fault. Either way, the food’s crust or skin is burnt much faster than its insides, your food emitting dark smoke.

In this case, you need to take the food out and take out the burnt bits immediately. After the crisis is averted, you can try cooking the food again at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. To prevent more accidents like this from happening, make notes of the recipe’s temperature difference from what you have adjusted.

If you choose a plastic container for your food to go into the air fryer, the answer to the question “Why does my air fryer smell like burning plastic?” is rather obvious. Perhaps you should refrain from using a plastic container at all.

4. The Fryer’s Capacity Is Not Enough:

The inner capsule of the fryer can only contain a certain amount of food. Leaving some space around the fryer’s netted container. It means aiding the cooking process since food will be heated by hot air blowing around gradually. If you find yourself trying to pack as many things as possible into the fryer, the machine will overheat, and smoke will fly as a result.

Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

Image 2. Don’t pack too many items into your air oven

To fix this problem, try to separate the food into smaller batches. More specifically, the ideal number of food items in a fryer is 4 for small pieces and 2 for big chunks. Stacking food can lead to the hot air flow knocking the pieces on top-down and spilling everything. Don’t be greedy; it will take way less time to cook the items one by one!

5.The Tiny Food Pieces Can Burn:

Occasionally, you will find the little pieces being burnt to a crisp way faster than their bigger companions. These small bits can be broken crusts from loaves of bread, tiny pieces of fat falling off the pork chops you are roasting, or the smaller cuts of the beef.

If you only have a few of these bits, the burnt smoke will not be too visible. However, the accumulated smoke of the bits can make the air fryer look like it is dealing with a much bigger problem. To deal with this issue, simply open up the capsule, remove the bits and resume cooking as usual.

6.The Air Fryer’s Features:

Once you have gone through all these troubleshooting steps and smoke still emits from the air fryer, or the smoke stops coming from the food, the machine itself. Then you might need to pick up your phone and contact someone. If calling your distributor does not solve your problem, you can try heading to the manufacturer’s customer service or technical support department for help.

From then, you can state the question of “How do I stop my air fryer from smoking?” to the professionals, and they should be able to lend you the assistance you need. Follow their instructions closely, and you will be able to keep using your kitchen appliance.

Unless you are a skilled technician, you should refrain from taking apart the machine and fixing or replacing parts independently. Kitchen appliances tend to have very specific production guidelines, making them essentially irreplaceable if you are not in contact with the factory’s providers.

Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

Image 3. Contact the manufacturers if smoke comes from the fryer.

Even when you have your hands on the parts, their applications will be a completely different story. Please leave the disassembling and assembling of the product to those professionals.


Overall, the answer to “why is smoke coming out of my air fryer?” is nothing to sweat at, but it would be best if you are careful of every sign of the fryer. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and state your inquiries in case there are any questions regarding air fryers or other kitchen machines!

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