Dear Tracy

I want to thank you for the camp experience that my two boys had at Little Olympians. My boys loved it and I loved it. Each day I ask my kids to tell me something awesome about the day and each day they said that they were going to Camp Olympia for the day.

In particular I appreciated that you were very responsive to issues that came up and were very flexible. When Oscar had to miss a week of camp due to a change in scheduling for surgery, you accommodated us with out any kind of issue. In my experience with children’s camps/programs, I find your graciousness to be unique and so pleasant.

I feel very strongly that the structure of play was wonderful. Oscar came into camp hating to play soccer because he felt that he wasn’t good at it. He now wants to play on a team and has a great deal of confidence.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding fuddy duddy but it’s great that the kids just had other kids, balls, and a few toys and they got on with having fun in an old fashion pre-internet/pre-television kind of way. The games and play are very intuitive encouraging the kids learn to rely themselves and not need an adult to entertain them. They just get on with buy seroquel in thailand playing games or with toys and enjoy the actual process of playing. As I think about it, Oscar comes home and does a lot of independent play -perhaps more than when he started camp.

Another great quality that doesn’t seem obvious is that the kids stayed at the school and weren’t get dragged around to be entertained. Our experience has been that when the kids are taken places, they tend to spend the majority of time either getting ready to go, in transit to the place or event, or preparing to return. I love that the kids spent their time just enjoying themselves.

The counselors were very involved and enthusiastic. You are clearly very good at hiring young adults who are enthusiastic and great with children. Your counselors took an interest in the individual kids. Oscar and Lucas really love Dennis (aka Dentist) and have really enjoyed having him as a counselor.

I also appreciate how you work very consciously to empower all of your staff to handle all kinds of different situations. When their solutions weren’t enough to correct the situation, you stepped in to guide them to create a better camp environment.

I do hope that you set up L.O.P.S. at PS 154 again next year. We will certainly sign up again. Thank you very much for a great experience.

With very kind regards,

Neil Plotkin

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