How to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

Table tennis is a sport that requires players to learn very high skills, the skills of the players will shape each player’s playing style. One of those skills will affect the choice of a table tennis racket that suits that style of play. Here are some recommendations for how to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

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Some recommendations

And to be able to recommend players to choose the right table tennis racket, we will rely on the following factors: Preferred grip, preferred serves, favorite strokes, and the player’s playing style.

Most players will change their canopy a few times once they’ve reached another level, or want to perfect their playstyle from being defensive to attacking.

When you start to choose a new paddle especially for beginners you will find it quite difficult to choose and what criteria to choose. Here are guidelines for choosing the right paddle for you.

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Definition and structure of table tennis racket

How to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

First, we need to understand the definition and structure of the table tennis paddle: The table tennis paddle is made up of 6 main parts. Handle, table tennis blade, a forehand sponge, rubber fore forehand, and a backhand sponge, rubber backhand. Each part in the paddle will create a different type of paddle for each different playing style.

5 points to note to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

  1. Player’s ping pong style

In table tennis there are the following types of play:

– The player has an attacking style of play, has strong and decisive shots.

– Players with a defensive style of play, a style of play using position as the main, ingenuity and patience to be able to win against the opponent.

– Players with a controlling style of play: Choose the correct shots to bring the opponent to the position they want.

  2. Handle for choose table tennis rackets:

Players who hold the Shakehand grip will be very popular. The Penhold style is usually the Asian region that will be used more. The RTG paddle sharpeners are designed to best suit the Shakehand style player and come with the option of a Straight Grip. or Flared Grip.

With these two types, often flared handles will help new players hold more comfortably. The Straight handle will be thinner and suitable for players with strong hands who want a firm grip.

  3. Choose the blade of the racket

The blade is the same structure as the core of the racquet, it is the strongest part. The determination of power will depend on this blade part of the racquet.

For racquets that need to be attacked, light and a hard blade will be suitable.

For players who like to defend, choose a blade that is heavy and made of soft materials, which will be suitable for defense. So to match, we should choose a wooden blade that will be suitable because the wood is both heavy and soft and will absorb some of the force of the ball when touched. That will help reduce the tempo of the game to suit the slow playstyle.

If you are a fan of fast play then you should choose a blade with a number of material layers greater than 5. And the lighter the weight, the more suitable. With this type one should choose a blade that is combined with carbon fiber (which is a light and hard material) or possibly a titanium carbon type that will suit the desire for fast play.

   4. Choose the outermost rubber layer of the table tennis racket

Rubber will have the effect of possibly stickiness and hardness.

High stickiness and softness will produce a ball with more spin.

High hardness will suit someone who wants to play in an offensive style.

  5. Choose sponge for your table tennis racket.

The sp is a layer between the blade and the rubber layer of a table tennis racket. There are 3 types of Sponge for table tennis rackets: thin, medium and thick.

A thick sponge layer (greater than 2mm) will give us better attack speed.

A thin layer of Sponge (less than 2mm) will give you better defense.

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Here are some table tennis racket suggestions for playing styles as follows:

For those who like to attack with speed:

JET800, Diamond TC Premium

For those who like to defend:

JET400, Kido 5A

For players who like control and spin

JET600 N1, Kido 7P Premium

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