Harmful effects of drinking alcoholic beverages after playing badminton

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According to the habit of many people, after finishing playing badminton, they will go to “drink” together to exchange, for a more comfortable spirit. Despite its appearance, few would expect that drinking alcohol can slow down the recovery process of injuries, make you take a long time to recover from a match, or easily lose energy, dehydration, etc…
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So in this article, we will find out whether to drink alcohol or beer after playing badminton? Or the harmful effects of drinking alcohol after playing badminton!

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Popular habits of players

Australians have a habit of drinking after they have finished playing sports such as tennis, football, etc. That’s why Dr. Christopher Stevens – expert in sport science, of Southern Cross University (Australia) – a warning has just been published in The Conversation.

After playing sports in general and playing badminton in particular for a while, your body will be tired and produce a lot of sweat, besides the muscles will be tired and cause some painful sensations. However, players who are used to it, consider it normal and the pain or fatigue will pass in an instant. As for those who are new to playing or practicing a new technique, they feel tired and even sleep poorly.

Should you drink alcohol after playing badminton?

When playing badminton, sweat will be released a lot and that leads to temporary dehydration of the body. However, it is completely normal because the body will quickly recharge itself, repair damage, and repair itself.

You may already know, hormones in the human body, especially the male hormone testosterone, play an important role in fast and effective recovery. For healthy young adults, it only takes a few hours to get back to normal.

Harmful effects of drinking alcoholic beverages after playing badminton

Alcohol in general and alcohol, in particular, has been clearly demonstrated that, when loaded with these substances after playing sports, it will slow down the recovery of muscle damage by inhibiting the activity of the body. Hormones support this process.” And there will be many times when you feel tired after a practice session playing badminton and following a drink.

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In the case of minor injuries that cause minor aches and pains, it is not serious, but if you have soft tissue injuries, the situation will be much worse. Alcoholic beverages will cause blood vessels to dilate, causing local swelling and preventing the body’s self-healing process. Everyone knows that drinking alcohol is also a diuretic, the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become, plus dehydration due to exercise, you will quickly lose strength and gradually become unbearable.


So I have just shared with you some badminton knowledge about the Harmful effects of drinking alcoholic beverages after playing badminton. Through this article, hopefully, you can acquire some basic knowledge to protect your body and limit drinking alcohol or beer after playing badminton because it is really not good for your health later. Good luck!

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