Does badminton help improve height?

Like other sports, badminton is also a popular sport that brings great benefits to human health. So as for increasing height, does badminton help improve height? Let’s learn more about this through the article that I share below.

How does badminton affect height?

Badminton has long been a popular sport in Asia and has recently spread to the whole world. The rules of badminton are quite simple, badminton is also one of the sports that require players to simultaneously move many parts of the body with technical movements such as body rotation, jumping, body tilt, etc. …

Does badminton help improve height

Basic badminton techniques help the player’s muscles work completely, thereby improving blood circulation and increasing the respiratory process. Thanks to these badminton techniques, badminton becomes a sport that has a positive impact on the health of players.
Not only muscles and improved respiration, but another benefit of badminton that few people know is also to support height development and help players own a healthy and ideal body.

The mechanism of badminton to promote height growth stems from the characteristics of badminton that require players to move their limbs, muscles, joints by technical movements such as jumping regularly, moving around the court. badminton, body rotation, etc.

Jumping will stimulate cartilage growth, positively affecting bone formation, especially cartilage in the knees. Furthermore, when the players perform the jumps, their body is no longer affected by the gravity of the Earth, thus smoothing the process of bone formation from cartilage and facilitating growth. height development.

Many people often play badminton outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon. This is also the right time to sunbathe, help the body synthesize Vitamin D, support calcium metabolism and promote optimal bone formation, thereby helping to build strong bones and promote growth. height.

How to practice badminton to increase height

Badminton is a sport that supports increasing height at a relatively simple level. Children and adolescents can play every day to improve health and effectively support height growth. When you play badminton and want to increase your height, you should note the following points:

Practice badminton regularly

Badminton cannot immediately support height increase like basketball. So you should practice regularly to get the best results. Ideally, you should spend about 30 minutes – an hour a day playing badminton.

The space to play badminton and badminton equipment is also quite simple. You can play badminton in the yard, in the garden… with two rackets and one badminton. You can play badminton with friends, parents, and siblings to take care of your health and effectively increase height.

Play badminton the right way

The height-increasing function of badminton is only achieved when you practice the right technique. Important badminton techniques include drive shot, smash, service, push the ball, etc. Each technical move has certain rules that players must follow to affect height growth. . Therefore, before practicing badminton, you should take a basic badminton class to understand the important techniques properly and fully.

Proper diet and rest

Diet is also an important thing. After a workout, you expend a lot of energy. At that time, you should eat nutritious food to recover quickly and effectively support height growth. Moreover, you also need to rest properly, sleep early and get enough sleep to take care of your health comprehensively and create conditions for your height growth.

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