Bowling Ball Speed Chart & The Ideal Ball Speed

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Bowlers that are fairly brand-new to the sporting activity usually check out a rapid shot with a solid hook as the most perfect shot. However, they fall short to comprehend that a shipment that works for an experienced bowler might not always work for them.

As you can see that there are strategies involved in bowling, and also the excellent ball speed can vary according to techniques and lane conditions

For example, you obtain more pin-carry action when you bowl a fast shot however, subsequently, you jeopardize the ball’s hooking capacity. Similarly, a slower shot will certainly react even more to the lane as well as provide you a great hook, however, it will not have considerable pin-carry action.

When it comes to lane conditions, oily lanes are usually challenging for a fast bowler. Quick shots tend to skid much excessive on heavily-oiled lanes, enhancing your chances of missing the pocket.

At the same time, completely dry lane conditions will certainly require you to put in even more power behind your shots.

To determine what works best for you, you require to tweak your tactical plan and tactics according to these stated variables.

What is the Suitable Bowling Ball Speed?

According to a reputable research study carried out by the USA Bowling Congress (USBC), a release speed of 20-21 miles per hour is perfect for a bowler. The launch speed, as the name suggests, is the ball rate created at the point of launch.

In many cases, the sphere released at 20-21 miles per hour corresponds to 16-17 mph as it travels down the lane and hits the pin deck. The deceleration can be attributed to friction as well as gravity.

Reports indicate that the corresponding rate of 16-17 mph results in suitable pin-carry action and is, for that reason, the optimal bowling ball speed. To accomplish that rate at pin effect, you would certainly require to have an ordinary speed of 18 mph.

How to Measure Bowling Ball Speed?

There are a couple of ways you can measure your bowling sphere rate. You can make use of the automatic bowling scoring maker at the field to determine your round speed or get your good friend to time your throws from the point of release to pin impact.

Here’s what you require to do.

Automatic Scoring Systems

Bowling fields worldwide have automated scoring systems that feature countless valuable functions. Actually, these systems are slowly making way for a much more interactive entertainment system.

In addition to showing ball games beautifully, these scoring systems can provide bowlers accessibility to enjoyable games, selfie grids, LED illumination that responds to the gameplay, as well as the capability to produce characters and also share photos on social networks platforms.

Obviously, you can also utilize the automatic racking-up system to measure your bowling sphere speed. The system utilizes different sensors to recognize your ball rate as it approaches the pin deck.

However, it is not with the ability to supply you with a full image of your sphere speed as it can’t measure the ball speed at the point of impact. In short, the scoring system can just provide you a swift estimate of your bowling ball speed and it is not entirely accurate.

Utilizing a Stopwatch

A stopwatch can be skillfully made use of to determine your ordinary bowling sphere rate.

Basically, this approach requires you to measure the time it considers your sphere to strike the pins from the minute of launch. After that, after working out the logistics, you can get a much more precise arrangement of your ordinary bowling ball rate.

It goes without saying, you will need a close friend to aid you with the stopwatch.

Right here’s a step-by-step guide to determining your ball speed with a stopwatch.

Bowling Ball Speed Chart


Beginning the moment as you launch the sphere and stop it as soon as the ball strikes the very first pin. You must typically aim for the headpin.

Step 2

Consistently aim for the headpin as well as repeat the first step for 5-6 throws. Remember to note the moment for each shot.

Step 3

Locate the typical time it considered your round to strike the pins from the moment of release.

Step 4

Refer to a bowling sphere rate chart to find your bowling round speed.

Certainly, this technique is not as excellent as the computer-aided radar they utilize in the Olympics yet it is as accurate as it can obtain for us.

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Bowling Ball Speed Chart

Once you’ve videotaped your typical time, you can refer to the bowling sphere speed graph attracted listed below to identify your round speed.

Expired Time Average Ball Rate
3.0 sec 13.9 mph
2.9 sec 14.4 mph
2.8 sec 14.9 mph
2.7 sec 15.4 mph
2.6 sec 16.0 mph
2.5 sec 16.7 mph
2.4 sec 17.4 mph
2.3 sec 18.1 mph
2.2 sec 19.0 mph
2.1 sec 19.9 mph
2.0 sec 20.8 mph

As you can see from the graph, your round speed raises as your time lowers. Purpose to obtain your ball to hit the pins at around (2.3 to 2.5 seconds) from the factor of launch to get the excellent ball rate as reported by the USBC.

Bowling ball RPM Calculator

How to Enhance Your Bowling Sphere Rate– Some Tips!

Right here are some ideas to assist you to increase your bowling round speed.

Increasing your strategy can assist you to create more power behind your shots.

Keep your arms and legs unwinded. Limited muscles can cause a slower-paced swing.

Maintain the ball up high in your bowling approach. When you transition to a backswing, you will create a higher swing arc, which leads to even more energy as well as power as you release the ball.

Larger balls generate more power. If you wish to utilize them correctly to your benefit, train your entire body as well as become literally more powerful.

Preserve correct equilibrium, kind, and also follow-through whatsoever time.

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As I stated previously, it is not constantly optimal to rely on fast shots. Various lane problems, as well as varying strategies, will certainly need you to change up your shots.

However, there is an excellent bowling ball speed you can go for to enhance your bowling standard. An ordinary sphere speed of 18 mph is probably to help you generate positive results.

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