How to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

Table tennis is a sport that requires players to learn very high skills, the skills of the players will shape each player’s playing style. One of those skills will affect the choice of a table tennis racket that suits that style of play. Here are some recommendations for how to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

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Some recommendations

And to be able to recommend players to choose the right table tennis racket, we will rely on the following factors: Preferred grip, preferred serves, favorite strokes, and the player’s playing style.

Most players will change their canopy a few times once they’ve reached another level, or want to perfect their playstyle from being defensive to attacking.

When you start to choose a new paddle especially for beginners you will find it quite difficult to choose and what criteria to choose. Here are guidelines for choosing the right paddle for you.

If you want to know more tips in playing table tennis, you can visit the following website to learn more:

Definition and structure of table tennis racket

How to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

First, we need to understand the definition and structure of the table tennis paddle: The table tennis paddle is made up of 6 main parts. Handle, table tennis blade, a forehand sponge, rubber fore forehand, and a backhand sponge, rubber backhand. Each part in the paddle will create a different type of paddle for each different playing style.

5 points to note to choose a table tennis racket for beginners

  1. Player’s ping pong style

In table tennis there are the following types of play:

– The player has an attacking style of play, has strong and decisive shots.

– Players with a defensive style of play, a style of play using position as the main, ingenuity and patience to be able to win against the opponent.

– Players with a controlling style of play: Choose the correct shots to bring the opponent to the position they want.

  2. Handle for choose table tennis rackets:

Players who hold the Shakehand grip will be very popular. The Penhold style is usually the Asian region that will be used more. The RTG paddle sharpeners are designed to best suit the Shakehand style player and come with the option of a Straight Grip. or Flared Grip.

With these two types, often flared handles will help new players hold more comfortably. The Straight handle will be thinner and suitable for players with strong hands who want a firm grip.

  3. Choose the blade of the racket

The blade is the same structure as the core of the racquet, it is the strongest part. The determination of power will depend on this blade part of the racquet.

For racquets that need to be attacked, light and a hard blade will be suitable.

For players who like to defend, choose a blade that is heavy and made of soft materials, which will be suitable for defense. So to match, we should choose a wooden blade that will be suitable because the wood is both heavy and soft and will absorb some of the force of the ball when touched. That will help reduce the tempo of the game to suit the slow playstyle.

If you are a fan of fast play then you should choose a blade with a number of material layers greater than 5. And the lighter the weight, the more suitable. With this type one should choose a blade that is combined with carbon fiber (which is a light and hard material) or possibly a titanium carbon type that will suit the desire for fast play.

   4. Choose the outermost rubber layer of the table tennis racket

Rubber will have the effect of possibly stickiness and hardness.

High stickiness and softness will produce a ball with more spin.

High hardness will suit someone who wants to play in an offensive style.

  5. Choose sponge for your table tennis racket.

The sp is a layer between the blade and the rubber layer of a table tennis racket. There are 3 types of Sponge for table tennis rackets: thin, medium and thick.

A thick sponge layer (greater than 2mm) will give us better attack speed.

A thin layer of Sponge (less than 2mm) will give you better defense.

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Bowling Balls For Slow Speed For Player


Here are some table tennis racket suggestions for playing styles as follows:

For those who like to attack with speed:

JET800, Diamond TC Premium

For those who like to defend:

JET400, Kido 5A

For players who like control and spin

JET600 N1, Kido 7P Premium

Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket – The darling of both offensive and defensive players

The Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket is a must-have for both players and amateurs with a wide range of trends and playing styles. It is likened to the amulet of each person’s separation when participating in a fight.

Introducing the Yonex Duora 10. badminton racket

Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket is a racket of the famous Yonex brand. This is a racquet that is trusted by many players and players around the world. Because of the variety in play, the index between attack and defense of the Yonex Duora 10 racket is considered to be at the top of the most comprehensive badminton racket models today. When you hold the Yonex Duora 10 racquet in your hand, you will be the creator, regulating the match at your own discretion instead of that advantage in the hands of the opponent.

Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket

The stiff Yonex Duora 10 shaft makes swinging very fast and compact, coupled with high wrist strength and tension for overwhelming attacks or the most powerful backhand swings, the racket feels stable. , very little vibration, the problem of twisting and twisting the racket is also minimized so that each phase of the shuttle is hit in the most stable racket state. Trust me you will love it as soon as you use it.

Yonex Duora 10. badminton racket specifications

You can take a look at the specifications of the racquet.

  • Hardness: Hard
  • Frame: H.M Graphite, Nanometric DR, Ni-ti Fiber.
  • Shaft: H.M Graphite, Nanometric.
  • Weight: 3U (Ave.88g);2U (Ave.93g)
  • Handle circumference: 3U G4.5; 2U G4.5.
  • Maximum tension: 3U 19-26 lbs, 2U 20-27 lbs.
  • Balance point: Balance
  • Color: Orange/Green/Black
  • Manufacture: Japan.

Yonex Duora 10. badminton racket technology and features

  • DUAL OPTIMUM SYSTEM: Power up forehand and backhand shots. Unique two-part design frame, Box Frame for powerful forehand, Aero Frame for powerful backhand. This groundbreaking design allows players to create powerful smashes but still control the game tightly. Maybe you are interested: what is the difference between tennis and badminton
  • NANOMETRIC DR: As a new type of Graphite material developed by Yonex based on its proprietary Nanoscience technology, this technology helps to increase the ability to grip the ball for a long time combined with extremely large thrust, Nanometric DR elevates Duora to the highest level. its own level, the technology was first applied in June 2015.
  • DUORA STRETCH Cushion: The new Duora string hole design forms 8 interconnected racquet holes of different thicknesses on both sides of the frame. On impact with the shuttlecock, the cushion holes are stiffer in the aerodynamic frame. Learning will pull the string more tightly, increasing the power for decisive shots.
  • HYPER MG: New Material – Elastic Graphite. Yonex’s new optimized material. It’s added to the bottom half of the Duora Z Strike racquet frame, allowing for an instant boost in the rubber’s repulsion, giving you incredibly fast shots.
  • ISOMETRIC: invented by Yonex to maximize this all-important sweet spot and has now become the world’s leading feature of Yonex racquets. The square head of the racquet means more strings will pass through the right angle area, making the sweet spot more open. Yonex continues to develop and enhance the power of Isometric, further reducing the “dead” zones around the edge of the frame commonly found on conventional racquets, creating a larger sweet spot than other frames. other racquets.
  • CONTROL SUPPORT CAP: Neck Technology: For a wider flat surface. The tapered control-supporting racquet has a flat surface that’s 88% wider than conventional racquets for easier grip, quick racquet control, and the sharpest play.
  • NEW GROMMET PATTERN: New knitting technology. Single-pass grommet hole construction provides more holes for threading for more performance than conventional hole construction, independent of horizontal and vertical threading construction. Helps reduce pressure on the plastic rings, avoid twisting and reduce friction for the string, helping to protect the racquet string more.
  • AERO-BOX FRAME: The purpose of the oval frame face design is so that when hitting the racquet, the wind will let the air pass, the Box Frame is beveled on both sides to make the racket more sturdy. The design helps to increase aerodynamics, helping us swing the racquet faster, hit the shuttle harder.
  • SUPER SLIM LONG SHAFT: The blade is designed to be thin and small, the purpose is to help escape the wind faster, swing the racquet faster, increase power, support players to finish faster, stronger, help better control.


Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket is suitable for players with strong, flexible wrists, good skills, or more. Both for professional and semi-professional athletes. Suitable for players with diverse fighting styles. Comprehensive combination of attack and defense.

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Does badminton help improve height?

Like other sports, badminton is also a popular sport that brings great benefits to human health. So as for increasing height, does badminton help improve height? Let’s learn more about this through the article that I share below.

How does badminton affect height?

Badminton has long been a popular sport in Asia and has recently spread to the whole world. The rules of badminton are quite simple, badminton is also one of the sports that require players to simultaneously move many parts of the body with technical movements such as body rotation, jumping, body tilt, etc. …

Does badminton help improve height

Basic badminton techniques help the player’s muscles work completely, thereby improving blood circulation and increasing the respiratory process. Thanks to these badminton techniques, badminton becomes a sport that has a positive impact on the health of players.
Not only muscles and improved respiration, but another benefit of badminton that few people know is also to support height development and help players own a healthy and ideal body.

The mechanism of badminton to promote height growth stems from the characteristics of badminton that require players to move their limbs, muscles, joints by technical movements such as jumping regularly, moving around the court. badminton, body rotation, etc.

Jumping will stimulate cartilage growth, positively affecting bone formation, especially cartilage in the knees. Furthermore, when the players perform the jumps, their body is no longer affected by the gravity of the Earth, thus smoothing the process of bone formation from cartilage and facilitating growth. height development.

Many people often play badminton outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon. This is also the right time to sunbathe, help the body synthesize Vitamin D, support calcium metabolism and promote optimal bone formation, thereby helping to build strong bones and promote growth. height.

How to practice badminton to increase height

Badminton is a sport that supports increasing height at a relatively simple level. Children and adolescents can play every day to improve health and effectively support height growth. When you play badminton and want to increase your height, you should note the following points:

Practice badminton regularly

Badminton cannot immediately support height increase like basketball. So you should practice regularly to get the best results. Ideally, you should spend about 30 minutes – an hour a day playing badminton.

The space to play badminton and badminton equipment is also quite simple. You can play badminton in the yard, in the garden… with two rackets and one badminton. You can play badminton with friends, parents, and siblings to take care of your health and effectively increase height.

Play badminton the right way

The height-increasing function of badminton is only achieved when you practice the right technique. Important badminton techniques include drive shot, smash, service, push the ball, etc. Each technical move has certain rules that players must follow to affect height growth. . Therefore, before practicing badminton, you should take a basic badminton class to understand the important techniques properly and fully.

Proper diet and rest

Diet is also an important thing. After a workout, you expend a lot of energy. At that time, you should eat nutritious food to recover quickly and effectively support height growth. Moreover, you also need to rest properly, sleep early and get enough sleep to take care of your health comprehensively and create conditions for your height growth.

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Advice on choosing the best slow cooker for babies today

Are you wondering which slow cooker to buy for your family? Entering the weaning stage, porridge is a source of nutrients needed for the baby’s body to develop. Therefore, when choosing a porridge pot for babies, mothers often prioritize convenient and versatile products, especially those that are effective against fire and spill.

Advice on choosing the best slow cooker for babies today

In the following article, I would like to share the top products of slow cooker porridge that are good and help save time for mom. We invite you to consult!

What is a baby slow cooker?

The baby porridge pot is actually a slow cooker (Slow cook or Crock-Pot) this is a pot that uses electricity to cook food for a longer time than other conventional pots. They are designed like a normal pot but similar in structure to a rice cooker with a removable lid, including the following parts: Heating the bottom of, the pot, Pot, Stainless steel case, Removable lid.
For the baby porridge pot, the appropriate temperature is within the allowable range from 75C – 135C. Power 120W – 150W low power consumption. Unlike an electric pressure cooker or rice cooker, the inside of this pot is made of porcelain, and the lid is made of glass, which is extremely durable.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the porridge pot for babies

Before learning about the top slow cooker products, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that this product line brings to have the most objective view.

Advantages of the slow cooker:

Cooking food with slow cooking technology should keep a very high nutritional content, especially vitamins such as A, B1, iron, etc., which are indispensable for the development of children.
Inner pot material: Ceramic porcelain is very safe, anti-scratch, anti-nutritional, easy to clean, non-toxic.
Compact design, flexible, convenient to move and store neatly.
The body is made of ABS plastic or stainless steel, anti-fingerprint, easy to clean.
Easy to use, you just need to prepare the ingredients for the pot, select the cooking mode and wait for the food to be cooked.
Process many different dishes such as cooking porridge, warming porridge, cooking tea, stewing soup, stocking meat and fish, cooking brown rice …
The lid of the pot is made of tempered glass, anti-overflow, helps retain heat, preserves nutritional content, and easily observes the inside of the pot when cooking.
Saving costs and electricity: The capacity of the slow cooker is very low, plus the ceramic pot, glass lid, so the ability to retain heat and save electricity is extremely good.

Disadvantages of the slow cooker

Cooking time is long (the fastest also takes 2-3 hours), so in some cases, it is not feasible to cook porridge quickly for babies.
Does not integrate many cooking modes, relatively heavyweight.
Using a slow cooker also requires preparation and planning in advance.
Why should you use a separate porridge pot for your baby?
One of the points that every family should own a slow cooker for children is to keep the nutritional content and important vitamins in the fresh food source intact when processing.
It is also thanks to this great use that the slow cooker baby porridge is manufactured with a stainless steel outer shell, a porcelain inner pot that helps the porridge in the pot always maintain a stable temperature of 70oC. 140oC for a long time.
Besides, the baby porridge pot device also has many different modes to meet the needs of families, the time depends on the type of food you need to process, for example:

  • Quick-cooking (meat, fish, shrimp): 2-3 hours
  • Slow cook (stew, simmer): 4-6 hours
  • Keep porridge warm: 8 – 12 hours

In general, with the above outstanding advantages, the slow cooker will be a convenient product to help mothers prepare nutritious food for their babies, and at the same time save a lot of time to be able to eat and drink. Rest and take care of your baby more. This is also the reason why every family should have a separate pot of porridge for the baby.

Criteria to choose to buy the best slow cooker porridge today

Family use needs

Determining the need to use is to evaluate whether this product is really necessary for your family or not. This will save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Body and Inner Material

As for household products for babies, parents need to give priority to choosing those with good materials, ensuring safety when cooking as well as easy cleaning and sanitizing. Normally, the slow cooker is made up of 3 basic materials: stainless steel, ABS plastic, and aluminum alloy coated with electrostatic paint. Along with that, the inner pot material is made of ceramic which is very safe for the health of the user, cooking does not create toxic substances affecting health.

The capacity of porridge pot

Depending on the needs of your family, you will consider choosing the most suitable pot capacity. If you want to buy a pot with multi-function in addition to cooking porridge that can be stored or cooked other dishes, you should choose a pot with a large capacity, otherwise, if you only use it to cook porridge for your baby, you can choose a smaller pot to cook porridge. Cost savings.

According to my observations, a porridge pot with a capacity of about 0.7-1.5 liters will meet the needs of cooking porridge for babies, and you want to use the pot to process other dishes such as oats. , stewed meat, stewed bones … you can consider choosing a pot with a large capacity from 2.5 – 3.5 liters.

Pot capacity

Along with the capacity, the capacity is also an extremely important factor that you should not ignore when you want to evaluate which slow cooker is good and quality. Most of the time, the larger the cooking pot, the faster it will help you cook and save time, but especially for baby porridge, it needs to be smooth and pure. Therefore, slow cooker products with a capacity of about 90-150W are most appropriate.

Other features and conveniences of the slow cooker

If talking about the long-term when using slow cooker products, my advice is that you should choose multi-function products instead of only having a separate porridge cooking function. Some features and cooking modes you can consider choosing as fast cooking, slow cooking, keeping warm, stewing meat, cooking tea, cooking oats, …

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How To Cook Tyson Chicken Strips In The Air Fryer

Any air fryer is perhaps one of our favorite home’s kitchen appliances. It is such a versatile tool and incredibly handy when it comes to cooking frozen foods. and How To Cook Tyson Chicken Strips In The Air Fryer? need for helpful information as below for you.

Check Good quality Air fryer to cook this food

How To Cook Tyson Chicken Strips In The Air Fryer

Chicken strips are an awesome item to make living in your air fryer if you’re looking for some commitment. The air fryer crisps up the breading without dehydrating out the center of the meat.

Check for more Topics about Air Fryer Of course, every air fryer and chicken short period is different when it comes to getting some sort of process just right. How do you cook Tyson chicken strips in the air quality fryer? You can cook Tyson chicken nuggets in the o2 fryer for about 10 minutes at a temperature of about 380F. This is a fairly simple process and your nuggets will most likely turn out crispy and terrific. In this type of guide, people will go for a walk over the procedure of culinary Tyson meat strips into the furnace fryer. We take step-by-step commands for anybody as now as some tips to tricks combined with things that many you may watch towards to grasp when your chicken stripes are prepared. Remember your you will possibly need so that you tweak concerns slightly with regards to your very specific air fryer.

How To Cook Tyson Chicken Strips In The Air Fryer

What will you need to prepair

Cooking Tyson Chicken Guards in the Air Fryer – Most of the Process The person thing it you potentially already notice is which there is considered to be more compared to one way to fruitfully cook a slice of very certain meat to brilliance. You may perhaps soon learn that some sort of air fryer will turn out to be your expected cooking style for rooster strips as well as maybe yet all goods frozen or it may be fried. One of the first off things you and your family might understand about food Tyson pig strips located in the temperatures fryer is certainly that so it cuts down on any total precious time it requires to carry out them. When everyone bake that company in the oven, you are typically looking at as many as 20 min of culinary time. In an individuals air fryer, even in the instance that you pre-heat the air fryer, the actual total operation will spend considerably a smaller amount of time compared to what this. For this reason grab your fried chicken, grab an individuals favorite sinking sauces, as well as be thought out to be particularly amazed!

Cook Tyson Chicken Strips in each step

Here is considered to be how in order to cook Tyson chicken guards in often the air fryer: Open down your results in frozen Tyson pig strips, specific from each of our freezer. Load awake your temperatures fryer basket, tray, or a whatever member you may have. This is ok whether your guards are touching, but individuals dont want to have them with be after top related to each any other. Cook their chicken guards at 380F for with regard to 10 min. You is going to turn them all halfway through, depending upon how an individual’s air fryer cooks. This fact may and for may just not be advantageous. Now, add some soaking sauce together with enjoy! Linked with course, a little people are partial to their stripes extra crispy, so we have got per solution to produce that in addition. Here is literally how in which to make Tyson chicken blocks extra crispy in the actual air fryer: Open often the bag pointing to Tyson fowl strips but also load up the environment fryer along with chicken bunches. Be obviously they are perhaps not the overlap. Spritz some of the strips along with a mild spray for extra virgin mobile olive important. Some men or women just benefit from cooking spray for this type of step. Cook the entire strips about 400F concerning about 12 minutes. If an individual’s air fryer is one oven-style fryer, you may perhaps well need to assist you to flip any strips more halfway signifies. As anybody can see, the techniques themselves are regarded as all exceedingly simple, and so there may very well be options with regards to crisp or simply traditional strips. Regardless associated with which course you towards, you may really won’t be able to go inaccurate.

Cook Tyson Chicken Strips in each step

We believe that you now know How To Cook Tyson Chicken Strips In The Air Fryer? in the right way. Following our instructions will help you have good instruction for your needs.

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The benefits of letting children play badminton!

When it comes to sports, these are movement activities that bring many benefits and improve human health, but each age group has different benefits, especially children if practiced in the wrong way. will cause more harm than good. Today, I will reveal to you the benefits of letting children play badminton.

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Benefits of badminton with children

Badminton is a sport that brings many benefits to the complete development of children, not only physically but also mentally, let’s see what the benefits are:

Good for physical development

Badminton is a sport that brings many benefits to children’s physical development. When playing badminton, children will have to move and exercise a lot, expending a lot of energy to help them stay in better shape.

In addition, when children play badminton, it will help improve the heart, blood vessels, and respiratory organs. Practicing badminton for a long time will help improve lung volume, if children have chronic asthma, let them try playing badminton to improve health.
Next, when playing badminton, the muscles of the legs, abdomen, and arms of the baby will work a lot, if practiced regularly, the children’s muscles will become stronger and stronger.

Vision development

Currently, the situation of children addicted to phones and computers is increasing and they spend all day lying down to play games, watch cartoons, it is impossible for children to be nearsighted or have eye diseases. avoid.
If you let your child play badminton instead of the phone, the computer will help improve the child’s eyesight even more. While playing, children will have to constantly monitor the flight of the ball from far to near. This helps to improve blood circulation in the eyes, helping the eyes to see better.

Improve your personality

In matches where there are winners and losers, your child will have to compete with other friends, thereby helping your child learn how to win and accept defeat. From there, children can draw a lot of experience in defeats and overcome their own weaknesses.

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This has many long-term benefits for badminton children later in life and also teaches them how to persevere in pursuit of goals, from small goals to big ones. From knowing how to hit a shuttlecock to mastering shuttlecock skills, achieving goals is fun for kids and helps them develop better personalities.

Increase concentration

Badminton helps increase attention to help children focus easily, in addition, when playing badminton, players need to control their body well to launch the most accurate shots even when the body is extremely tired. improve children’s ability to focus in the long run and make them easier to pay attention.


Above is an article about the benefits of children playing badminton that I share with you, hope the above information will help you equip yourself with the best and appropriate badminton knowledge!

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Harmful effects of drinking alcoholic beverages after playing badminton

According to the habit of many people, after finishing playing badminton, they will go to “drink” together to exchange, for a more comfortable spirit. Despite its appearance, few would expect that drinking alcohol can slow down the recovery process of injuries, make you take a long time to recover from a match, or easily lose energy, dehydration, etc…
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So in this article, we will find out whether to drink alcohol or beer after playing badminton? Or the harmful effects of drinking alcohol after playing badminton!

Popular habits of players

Australians have a habit of drinking after they have finished playing sports such as tennis, football, etc. That’s why Dr. Christopher Stevens – expert in sport science, of Southern Cross University (Australia) – a warning has just been published in The Conversation.

After playing sports in general and playing badminton in particular for a while, your body will be tired and produce a lot of sweat, besides the muscles will be tired and cause some painful sensations. However, players who are used to it, consider it normal and the pain or fatigue will pass in an instant. As for those who are new to playing or practicing a new technique, they feel tired and even sleep poorly.

Should you drink alcohol after playing badminton?

When playing badminton, sweat will be released a lot and that leads to temporary dehydration of the body. However, it is completely normal because the body will quickly recharge itself, repair damage, and repair itself.

You may already know, hormones in the human body, especially the male hormone testosterone, play an important role in fast and effective recovery. For healthy young adults, it only takes a few hours to get back to normal.

Alcohol in general and alcohol, in particular, has been clearly demonstrated that, when loaded with these substances after playing sports, it will slow down the recovery of muscle damage by inhibiting the activity of the body. Hormones support this process.” And there will be many times when you feel tired after a practice session playing badminton and following a drink.

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In the case of minor injuries that cause minor aches and pains, it is not serious, but if you have soft tissue injuries, the situation will be much worse. Alcoholic beverages will cause blood vessels to dilate, causing local swelling and preventing the body’s self-healing process. Everyone knows that drinking alcohol is also a diuretic, the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become, plus dehydration due to exercise, you will quickly lose strength and gradually become unbearable.


So I have just shared with you some badminton knowledge about the Harmful effects of drinking alcoholic beverages after playing badminton. Through this article, hopefully, you can acquire some basic knowledge to protect your body and limit drinking alcohol or beer after playing badminton because it is really not good for your health later. Good luck!

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6 Best Bowling Balls For Slow Speed (2021 Updated Reviews)

Modern bowling ball technology has progressed so far that a good bowling ball can now perform much legwork for you! While there are techniques to improve your overall throwing speed, bowlers who are slightly slower can still have explosive pin carry and great back-end responses if they have the correct ball.

Our selection of the Top 6 Best Bowling Balls for Slow Speed will give you a deep look at the half-dozen balls that we believe can help slow bowlers improve their game.


What Are Bowling Pins Made Of? Thing you Know

6 Best Bowling Balls For Slow Speed: Comprehensive Reviews

  1. Storm Hy-Road

     2. Hammer Bowling Products Black Widow Bowling Ball- Black/Gold, 13lbs

     3. Storm IQ Tour Bowling Ball Emerald

     4. Columbia 300 Chaos Black

     5. Brunswick Rhino Cobalt/Aqua/Teal Bowling Ball Cobalt/Teal/Aqua, 11lbs

     6. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Storm Hy-Road


Slower-speed bowlers require to pinpoint control to achieve the pin carry they desire, and the Storm Hy-Road is the ideal reactive hybrid bowling ball. The Storm Hy-Road bowling ball reads the middle of the lane better than any other Storm bowling ball we’ve tried. In addition, even when thrown at slower speeds, it has a powerful breakpoint reaction.

Things We Like

  • The Storm Hy-half-solid, Road’s half-pearl coverstock, is one of the most stunning hybrid coverstocks we’ve seen. It’s particularly effective at staying alive and well before a top-tier breakpoint reaction.
  • This ball can be used in a variety of ways. It has a strong enough coverstock to combat most oil patterns with minimum efficacy loss, despite being prepped for medium oil conditions.
  • The high-RG core will appeal to bowlers who bowl at a slower pace and with lower revs. With a little force, you can obtain a lot of pin violence.


  • In severely dry oil circumstances, this ball will provide you with nothing. You’re likely to burn out the coverstock if it stays on the lane at all.

Hammer Black Widow


The Hammer Black Widow is the way to go for slower bowlers who want maximum aggressiveness at low speeds. With a unique and forceful reaction of the dry, this ball matches exceptional lane length in medium and medium-heavy oil conditions. Without exerting too much effort, you may make this ball highly angular. That’s crucial for bowlers who can’t get their throwing speeds up to par.


  • The Sledgehammer, The Aggression Hybrid coverstock from Black Widow, comes up to its name and then some. With a blazing off-kilter sense, this ball dominates medium oil designs.
  • The Black Widow’s Gas Mask core is one of the most well-known and well-liked asymmetrical core designs currently available. It’s a hard hit, but it’s also a creative hit.
  • This is a terrific ball to pull out in fresh circumstances for pretty much every style of bowler. You can begin in the portion of the lane where you feel most at ease and achieve the results you desire.


Oil is required for the Hammer Black Widow to be worth anything in terms of lane length and hitting power. It’ll become a glorified paperweight if it’s exposed to dry roads.

Storm IQ Tour Bowling Ball Emerald


The Storm IQ Tour Emerald is all about keeping going to and through the pins on the back end. Slower bowlers will appreciate how long this ball goes and how little energy it drains before pounding through the pins, even if there isn’t a rapid change of direction down the lane. This is one of the smoothest rides on our list, and it’s ideal for bowlers who have a strong sense of touch and finesse.

Things We Like

  • The R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock from the ball is one of the most well-reviewed pearlized coverstocks ever. It has a great combination of endurance and angularity in response to friction.
  • You’ll never have the impression that the Storm IQ Tour Emerald has abandoned you. This ball maintains energy even when thrown at slower speeds, allowing for a powerful impact on and through the pin pocket.
  • This ball can get through fresh fronts with little to no effort and will dominate medium oil patterns.


The Storm IQ Tour Emerald will be less effective when lane oil conditions lean toward the extremes.

Columbia 300 Chaos Black


The Columbia 300 Chaos Black is one of only a few factory-polished reactive solid bowling balls on the market today, providing slower bowlers with ample lane length and a significantly greater motion of the dry than the previous Chaos edition. Low-speed bowlers will appreciate how simple it is to crank up this ball in medium to heavy oil.

Things We Like

  • The Columbia 300 Chaos Black provides significantly more coverage and adaptability than a traditional skid/flip ball. As a result, it will help you reach your comfort zone quickly.
  • The factory shine on this ball quickly drives it through even the freshest of fronts before settling in for some excellent length on the way to the breakpoint.
  • Because of its distinct and forceful motion of the pattern, as well as its ability to continue to and through the pins, this ball has a lot of back end oomph.


The Columbia 300 Anarchy Black becomes absolute chaos in the worst way when there isn’t enough oil to deal with. In the dry, you won’t be able to keep it on the lanes.

Brunswick Rhino


The Brunswick Rhino is a go-to ball for slower bowlers searching for a change-of-pace striking ball on depleted and shorter oil patterns. This is also a good choice for budget-conscious bowlers who want more control with medium to light oil house shots. In name, it’s an entry-level performance ball, but it gives enough in the dry to be considered a mid-performance alternative.

Things We Like

  • The Brunswick Rhino is perfect for those who want an easy-to-control, smooth arcing hook that hits strongly on impact.
  • In dry and medium-dry soil conditions, the Brunswick Rhino has plenty of length and strength. You’ll never cease to be fascinated and impressed.
  • When you witness how easy the Brunswick Rhino revs up for slower bowlers on shorter and depleted oil patterns, the reasonable price tag becomes even more appealing.


On new medium or heavy oil patterns, the Brunswick Rhino should not be used. This ball will quickly become submerged and gummed up, losing the majority of its reactivity and power.

Pyramid Path Rising


The Pyramid Path Rising is another good entry-level performance bowling ball that sells for a reasonable price. It has enough firepower and lane length to be regarded as a borderline mid-performance bowling ball. The high-RG core and pearlized coverstock hold this ball lengthy before a sneaky back-end burst for straight-line bowlers who also throw a little slower.

Things We Like

  • The Pyramid Path Rising has the capacity to provide perfect control to a slower bowler while also revving up for strong pin carry after impact.
  • At this pricing point, the Path Reactive Pearl coverstock is as tough as you’ll find for a ball. You’re going to get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
  • The 1500 Abralon polished finish of the ball cuts through medium-oiled fronts with moderate ease and stores the energy for plenty of late striking power.


In the harshest of oil conditions, this ball will do absolutely nothing for you. On longer and more intricate oil patterns, it also becomes lost and weird.

Buying Guide

Best Bowling Balls for Slow Speed

Surface roughness, hardness, and oil absorption rate are 3 factors to consider when determining a bowling ball’s on-lane performance. These variables have a direct impact on the ball’s grip and friction in the lane.

Furthermore, it guides the ball in the appropriate direction without sacrificing speed or spiral. If you are a newbie, you can watch this video to know how to hook a bowling ball: How To Hook A Bowling Ball

So, shall we take a closer look at each factor?

  • Surface Roughness

This is where the cover stock measurements are most important. Whether it’s plastic, urethane, or resin, the surface finish should be flawless. Surface roughness causes friction between the lane and the bowling ball when there is a lot of it. The bowling ball is sent toppling to the side as a result of the reduced contact.

  • Oil Absorption Rate

There is a greater probability of friction between the lane and the bowling ball if the bowling ball has a high oil absorption rate. The reactive resin has a higher rate of oil absorption than other cover stocks. It’s porous, which means it’ll absorb any liquid sprayed on it.

  • Hardness

The hardness of the cover stock plays a part in selecting the ideal bowling ball. When the ball’s surface is soft, it leaves an imprint on the lane, which increases friction. A soft surface cover stock is also less aggressive when it comes to hitting a fantastic shot.


Are there advantages to bowling at slow speed?

While there are certain disadvantages to tossing a ball at a slow speed, there are a few pros as well. To begin with, a more controlled approach makes it simpler to maintain a straight-line throw on track and successfully aim spare shots.

Second, a low-speed toss requires a bowler to put less overall effort. This is useful on lengthy league nights when throwing with a lot of effort early on can lead to lower efficacy as the night progresses. You can make more shots without crashing if you put in less effort per shot.

While slower bowlers may struggle to achieve the same pin carry and severe pin hits as faster bowlers, spare shots make up for it. A steady, methodical shot is sometimes required to hit a spare exactly where you need it.

What is the ideal bowling ball speed?

Given that lubrication conditions alone can change a shot’s overall speed by about two mph, this is a complex subject to solve. Because of the friction, a bowler must battle to get the ball down the lane; dry lanes, for example, require more energy to obtain optimum pin impact speeds.

Pro bowlers, on average, try to release the ball at 20-22 mph, with pin impact speeds of roughly 17 to 18 mph. For peak pin carry, a pin impact speed of 17 to 18 mph is recommended. If you slow down to 16 mph or less, you’ll lose pin carry and have irregularity in your overall ball motion. If the pin contact speed is greater than 18 mph, the pin carry and total shot efficiency are likely to suffer.

How can I increase my bowling ball speed?

Trying to throw a bowling ball harder isn’t enough. In fact, repeatedly pushing your arm beyond its natural limitations may have the opposite effect, resulting in reduced throwing rates later in the game.

Look at your footwork first if you want to improve your bowling ball speed. Then, before you toss, work on increasing the speed of your steps by making each one faster than the last. Keep your knees flexed just enough to extract power from your legs’ major bigger muscles while doing this.

Instead of throwing harder, loosen your arm swing and swing the ball as swiftly as possible to the top of your range. Push your arm to a complete follow-through as you accelerate your swing forward.

You can increase your bowling speed and get to a targeted speed range more regularly with timed steps getting faster and a free, loose swing with some added oomph.

What balls do professional bowlers use?

After several days of investigation, I’ve discovered that the Storm Virtual Reality is the most extraordinary slow-speed bowling ball. However, because it is more expensive than most other slow-speed bowling balls, I would only recommend it to serious bowlers.

The ball’s coverstock is quite sturdy, silent, and well-constructed, which aids in delivering consistent balls. It’s an American product created by Storm, one of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers.

It’s promoted as an entry-level ball, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with. It comes in various weights, but I’ve found that the 16 pounder is ideal for heavy oil and works well on dry lanes.

The ball has a matte finish and a smooth surface, which makes it highly appealing. After a few games with this ball, I can confidently state that I will never return to my old ball.

Which will make a bowling ball roll faster?

The ball weight will always be the first question. A heavier ball will always roll quicker than one that is lighter. When you get below 14-15 pounds, however, you start to lose durability. Given that this is a game of endurance, you’ll want to avoid the “mild” varieties.

It’s critical to glance at the RG for your next thought (radius of gyration). The faster the ball, the lower the RG. For slower speedballs, however, durability is sacrificed in exchange for this characteristic.

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A bowler who bowls at a slower pace isn’t doomed to be useless but still compete with the greatest if they have the correct bowling ball in their bag and the right attitude.

You can get the most out of your throws if you have one of the six best bowling balls for slow speed on this list in your arsenal, regardless of how fast you throw. They’re designed to put in extra effort and provide more pin carry for bowlers of all speeds and types.

Sharing how to use the Mishio nut milk maker is very simple

The nut milk-making machine is a multifunctional product that is no longer strange to many people. With only the nut milk maker, you can cook delicious, nutritious milk to puree foods, make soups, or heat dishes. If you are still confused about how to use the nut milk machine correctly, please refer to our tutorial article.

Overview of nut milk making machine

Since its launch on the market until now, the nut milk maker has been dubbed the “kitchen assistant” extremely convenient for women. Thanks to the most advanced technologies, the nut milk machine not only helps you perform the steps of cooking beans, grinding beans, filtering residue but also can cook porridge, cook soup. Besides, the way to use the nut milk machine has a very simple operation so men or the elderly can also use it.

Criteria to choose to buy nut milk making machine

Before learning how to use a nut milk machine, you need to take a look at the following factors to choose the right product for you.

The capacity of the mill

Depending on how many people you need to cook nut milk for, you can choose the appropriate capacity. On average, an adult drinks about 500ml of milk per day, so if it’s for family use, choosing a machine for 1-2 people will not be enough. Therefore, currently on the market, there are many models with different capacities from 1.2l, 1.3l, 1.7l to 2l…

Power of the machine

Normally, you should choose a nut milk maker with a large capacity of 800-1000W to help puree and soften hard nuts such as almonds or walnuts.

The blade inside the machine

To get a smooth and delicious cup of milk, besides paying attention to the capacity of the machine, the blade is also a decisive factor in

the Mishio nut milk maker is very simple

the quality of milk. Therefore, when buying, you should give top priority to machines with 6-8 blades, 3-way curved, capable of 360-degree rotation.

The liner of the machine

This is a very important factor because the lining material inside the machine can affect the quality of milk. Currently, the material commonly used to make the lining of the machine is stainless steel or plastic. However, plastic can contain BPA, which can cause asthma, fertility problems, and even cancer. Therefore, you should choose to buy some types of nut milk cooking machines with a body made of glass to ensure safety for health as well as create a solemn and modern look for the kitchen space.

Instructions on how to use the nut milk machine

Just like when using household electrical appliances, the way to use a nut milk maker is quite simple, convenient operation:
Step 1: Put the nuts you want to use to make milk such as lotus seeds, walnuts, almonds, … into the blender and then fill it with water to the standard level. In order for the machine to cook more easily, you should soak it for 6-8 hours before cooking.
Step 2: Place the device in a suitable position and plug in the power, all buttons will light up. You press the “Menu” button to start and select the appropriate “Dry beans” or “Soaked beans” mode.
Besides, the machine has many other modes that cannot be ignored, including:

  • The “White Porridge” button is used to cook porridge and soup.
  • The button “Vegetable/fruit juice” is used to blend smoothies.
  • The “Dough” button is used to grind all kinds of grain powders.

Although how to use the nut milk machine is quite simple, you should still carefully read the user manual that comes with the machine to know how to operate the machine safely, ensure durability, and prolong the life of the machine. Here are some recommendations included in every guidebook you should keep in mind:

  • Absolutely do not open or use your hands to lift the blender jar out of the machine while the machine is in operation to avoid cutting your hand. In addition, when you press the “Start” button to start, you should not add other ingredients to the machine.
  • Before plugging in the power, it is advisable to check whether the machine’s mortar and the motor base are wet. If you accidentally get wet, you need to quickly dry with a soft cloth, otherwise, it will easily cause a short circuit, fire or explosion.
  • When placing the mill on the motor base, it must be properly adjusted, to avoid the phenomenon of mismatched installation, the start-up will cause the machine to shake, even the mortar may slide out of the joint.
  • The machine usually has a large capacity, so do not share the socket with other devices when using it because it may cause overload for the power cord.
  • During operation, the machine often has a high temperature and is quite hot, so it should be placed in a safe location, out of the reach of children.


Above is a guide on how to use a nut milk machine and share simple and delicious nut milk recipes that provide many essential nutrients for the body. Hopefully, through this article, you have learned how to use a nut milk maker so that you can choose the right products for your family.

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Why Is Smoke Coming Out Of My Air Fryer? – Kitchen Tech Support

Air fryers are still a relatively new breed of kitchen appliance on the market, so there are still so many questions on the machine’s functions that will inevitably concern users. One of the popular issues that people often seek for a solution is“Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer?

Scroll down to read this article for the best answer and useful information!

Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

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And Top Cheap air fryer under $150

Why Is Smoke Coming Out Of My Air Fryer?

1.Is It Smoke Or Vapor?

First of all, you will need to identify whether or not it is actually smoke. If it is just water moisture or food vapor, that should be a normal by-product of any cooking process. When your air fryer has vapor coming out of it, turn a blind eye because you are doing great.

Only proceed with this troubleshooting guide if the answer to the question is smoke.

2.The Amount Of Grease Can Create Smoke:

If you slather more oil onto a protein’s surface before you cook it. That can be the source of the smoke to emit. More specifically, the amount of excess oil and the grease from the protein itself may heat up and release fumes, so that is merely natural.

Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

Image 1. Grease can heat up and produce smoke in your air oven

So if you are preparing pork roast for a family night out or chicken thighs for a lazy day inside, do not be surprised by the smoke. The only thing you should be more concerned about is the smoke’s smell. Also, it can be very long-lasting on your clothes.

3.The Temperature May Be Too High:

This can possibly be your or the recipe’s fault. Either way, the food’s crust or skin is burnt much faster than its insides, your food emitting dark smoke.

In this case, you need to take the food out and take out the burnt bits immediately. After the crisis is averted, you can try cooking the food again at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. To prevent more accidents like this from happening, make notes of the recipe’s temperature difference from what you have adjusted.

If you choose a plastic container for your food to go into the air fryer, the answer to the question “Why does my air fryer smell like burning plastic?” is rather obvious. Perhaps you should refrain from using a plastic container at all.

4. The Fryer’s Capacity Is Not Enough:

The inner capsule of the fryer can only contain a certain amount of food. Leaving some space around the fryer’s netted container. It means aiding the cooking process since food will be heated by hot air blowing around gradually. If you find yourself trying to pack as many things as possible into the fryer, the machine will overheat, and smoke will fly as a result.

Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

Image 2. Don’t pack too many items into your air oven

To fix this problem, try to separate the food into smaller batches. More specifically, the ideal number of food items in a fryer is 4 for small pieces and 2 for big chunks. Stacking food can lead to the hot air flow knocking the pieces on top-down and spilling everything. Don’t be greedy; it will take way less time to cook the items one by one!

5.The Tiny Food Pieces Can Burn:

Occasionally, you will find the little pieces being burnt to a crisp way faster than their bigger companions. These small bits can be broken crusts from loaves of bread, tiny pieces of fat falling off the pork chops you are roasting, or the smaller cuts of the beef.

If you only have a few of these bits, the burnt smoke will not be too visible. However, the accumulated smoke of the bits can make the air fryer look like it is dealing with a much bigger problem. To deal with this issue, simply open up the capsule, remove the bits and resume cooking as usual.

6.The Air Fryer’s Features:

Once you have gone through all these troubleshooting steps and smoke still emits from the air fryer, or the smoke stops coming from the food, the machine itself. Then you might need to pick up your phone and contact someone. If calling your distributor does not solve your problem, you can try heading to the manufacturer’s customer service or technical support department for help.

From then, you can state the question of “How do I stop my air fryer from smoking?” to the professionals, and they should be able to lend you the assistance you need. Follow their instructions closely, and you will be able to keep using your kitchen appliance.

Unless you are a skilled technician, you should refrain from taking apart the machine and fixing or replacing parts independently. Kitchen appliances tend to have very specific production guidelines, making them essentially irreplaceable if you are not in contact with the factory’s providers.

Why is smoke coming out of my air fryer

Image 3. Contact the manufacturers if smoke comes from the fryer.

Even when you have your hands on the parts, their applications will be a completely different story. Please leave the disassembling and assembling of the product to those professionals.


Overall, the answer to “why is smoke coming out of my air fryer?” is nothing to sweat at, but it would be best if you are careful of every sign of the fryer. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and state your inquiries in case there are any questions regarding air fryers or other kitchen machines!

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