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The All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY afterschool program has been developed and refined over the years. We focus on developing a love for sports, learning the the foundational skills to further your success as an athlete and learning the value of good sportsmanship like conduct. This model owes its success to our founder. Her deep belief that all students can be successful in athletics with  loving and kind instructors that nurture the athlete in all of us! Also our success is due to our Site Director and instructors who facilitate daily lessons, and our roster of talented teaching athletes, who are able to focus on the sports lessons that they do best. All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY allows all students a chance to broaden their sports skills and learning, with lessons in various sports.

What is  our After School Program?
All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY is an on-site after school program . Our after school program open to 2-6th graders attending MS.839 (713 Caton Ave) and P.S 130 (70 Ocean parkway)*

We offer athletic enrichment lessons for students every day that school is in session, and our programs run until 6PM.  All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY is  an educational sports program and our programs are fully-insured.

Who is at my school?
Our  after school program has a Site Director,  Sheryl Quock who is on-site at your child’s school every day from school dismissal until 6PM, Monday – Friday.  She is your your points of contact, and can be reached via email and cell phone when programs are in session.

Every program also has  Coaches who help supervise the guided play and structured lessons before and after their sports activity, as well as providing support during their classes too!

What does a typical day look like?
We start the moment your child is dismissed from school, and run until 6:00PM!

Your child is either picked up by  All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY staff, or dropped off by their classroom  teacher at a general meeting area right when the school day ends! During these transition times, students have access to games, art supplies, and outdoor areas when the weather cooperates!  We also have a space set aside for students to work on homework at this time.

Does All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY provide a snack?
Yes!  We provides your child with a snack every day!  We offer a variety of snacks each and every day.

3:30 – 5:00PM: CLUB TIME (times may shift depending on school)

During this time, your child attends their sports enrichment lesson. These 90-minute classes are taught by our staff. Our staff all have a love for sports, an active lifestyle, health and fitness!

What are the classes like?

All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY offers lessons across the sports spectrum: basketball, volleyball, fitness, and  movement activities.   Each 90-minute lesson includes several different activities to keep your child engaged, entertained, and educated!

5:00 – 6:00PM: AFTERCLUB & PICK-UP
You can pick up your child anytime between 5:00 and 6:00 PM.  During this time, we also have art supplies, games, and play equipment for supervised free time! Please note: All  students MUST be picked up by 6:00 PM.  Pickups after 6:00PM can result in late fees.

Is there homework help?

While our site staff is more than happy to answer homework questions, All Sports For All People of Camp Olympia NY is not an academic program.  We do not offer tutoring or homework instruction.

Camp Olympia/A.S.AP is excited to introduce the PS 130 After School Sports Program!

Many studies have proven the benefits of increased physical activity during the day for children both academically and individually. Our program believes if we teach children basic skills in a variety of sports and help them have self-confidence and knowledge to be able to learn any sport then we are helping children develop a lifestyle of fitness and health. Our teaching style includes Alfred Adler’s theories on why children behave certain ways and we then try to identify the need the child is trying to meet and help them meet it in the most appropriate way possible. We apply the same techniques when helping children with their homework.

After school program is open to 2-5th graders attending MS.839 (713 Caton Ave) and P.S 130 (70 Ocean parkway)

Spring Session: January 2- June 22, 2018

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