After School

Camp Olympia/A.S.AP is excited to introduce the PS 130 After School Sports Program!

Many studies have proven the benefits of increased physical activity during the day for children both academically and individually. Our program believes if we teach children basic skills in a variety of sports and help them have self-confidence and knowledge to be able to learn any sport then we are helping children develop a lifestyle of fitness and health. Our teaching style includes Alfred Adler’s theories on why children behave certain ways and we then try to identify the need the child is trying to meet and help them meet it in the most appropriate way possible. We apply the same techniques when helping children with their homework.

After school program is open to 2-5th graders attending MS.839 (713 Caton Ave) and P.S 130 (70 Ocean parkway)

Fall Session: September 11th- December 22nd 2017

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